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Larry Oxenham, Publisher, Arcanum Insider,

by Larry Oxenham, Publisher

Standing on the street in Lucerne Switzerland, one of many incredibly scenic (and rainy!) towns all over the country …

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Just look at all the topics we visit to help you enjoy a broad experience when visiting Arcanum Insider:

  • News from Our Vantage Point: We filter through what the media (mis)reports, avoid ideological paralysis, and offer comments on issues of the day.
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  • Friday Night Quotes: A very popular addition to our regular writings. Each Friday we choose a topic, sometimes serious, often fun, and let you know what others think about it. Always entertaining.
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  • Travel: Our passion and a section we will build over time. Our first entry is fun to read because it gives you a different view about traveling to Cuba. But, over time, we will offer special insights and pictures of great places you might consider.
  • Health: We have been lucky enough to live a relatively healthy life. We don’t participate in fad diets or anything that doesn’t feel good to us. And we believe attitude is an essential part of good health. We will add what we believe are good ideas and let you decide. We know health and happiness go hand in hand, but health is always first.
  • Inspiration and Fun: This is where you go to escape the daily challenges and learn about people and ideas that make life better. Everyone needs a lift now and then so come back often.
  • Free Reports: This is where we summarize special information for you to take advantage of.

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